Max Payne 3 multiplayer cheaters forced to play with each other

By on June 13, 2012, 3:30 PM

Given the complexity of modern games, they inevitably ship with glitches and vulnerabilities. Such is the case with Max Payne 3, which has a problem with multiplayer cheaters using invincibility hacks, infinite adrenaline exploits and more. Although most people are honest enough to enjoy the game without cheating, there's a small minority of gamers who can't resist the temptation of boosting their stats by exploiting the game. Most game developers rush to patch the bugs and, if anything, issue temporary or permanent bans. Rockstar, however, is taking a novel approach to sorting the bad apples.

The company warns that folks caught spoiling the multiplayer experience in Max Payne 3 will be condemned to a "Cheater's Pool" with other "confirmed miscreants." This goes for all nefarious players, whether they're gaming the leaderboards or using hacked saves, modded games or other exploits to gain an unfair advantage in Max Payne 3's multiplayer mode. Cheaters will have one opportunity to correct their behavior, though Rockstar doesn't explain how it will go about absolving abusers of their past transgressions. If you're caught a second time, you'll be stuck in the Cheater's Pool forever.

The developer says it's removing invalid leaderboard entries to ensure players actually earn their rank and it's calling for your help to find cheaters. If you see anyone doing something suspicious, email the company at and include the platform you're playing on (PC, PS3 or Xbox 360), the cheater's screenname, a description of the offense and if possible, solid evidence such as a video or screenshot. Rockstar notes that it only wants to hear about real cheaters, so don't email them whining about folks using legit tactics like camping, however annoying it may be.

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LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

Hahaha! That's great! I wonder if cheaters can report bigger cheaters?

treeski treeski said:

That's awesome

I approve

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Very clever. Let them eat their own.

Guest said:

Awesome, this is a great idea.

Tygerstrike said:

Great Idea!!!! OMFG!!!! Finally some form of justice!!! I hope this gets initiated across a whole ton of online games. Now instead of someone playing "Headshot the Noobs" while being invincible getting away with it, now they can just headshot themselves and their cheating compatriots. I really stopped playing online games, or offline games with online multiplayer. I got tired of the same issues popping up. No matter how soon you would purchase a game, there would be 20-30 ppl useing hacks or cheats ruining the game for the rest of us who choose to play fair.

davislane1 davislane1 said:

This.... Is a great idea. I only wish they would take it a step further and slap a special tag next to the user's names to rub it in a little.

Guest said:

gr8, bfbc2 & bf3 needs the same treatment, dirty little scum bag kid hackers, with on balls n need 2 man up,,,, haha!

Guest said:

I might even buy this game now, respect"

Scshadow said:

In all honesty, I don't condemn people who cheat. I condemn people who cheat against people who aren't cheating. I wonder if you'll be allowed to ellectively join the cheater's pool when you feel like cheating. That'd be great.

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

I'd hate to be that first cheater. Until someone else gets caught, you're by yourself.

Guest said:

ive been saying this is needed since the days of quake. glad it took 16 years for a game company to finally realize it.

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Excellent idea, although I would be interested to play in the cheaters pool to see what the games are like haha.

Guest said:

Why are you calling them hackers, they can barely put together a vbs script or a batch ''virus'' ...

Anyway, I am going to buy a hack just so I can face them. Setup the client for MAX fps meaning faster aimbot ???? profit!!!!!

TS-56336 TS-56336 said:

They deserve them apples. Speaking of which, I wonder who's gonna win a Max Payne 3 or Diablo III tomorrow.. Damnably excited.

DanUK DanUK said:

Server full of aimbots.. would be pretty funny to watch hahah. The winner is the one with the best ping?

Arris Arris said:

I like the mention of "invincibility". Can imagine hours of play wasted by cheaters trying to kill each other when both are invincible. I remember reading about a game in the last couple of years that spawned an impossible to kill NPC that then chased the cheater down in game and killed them. I can't remember what title it was though.

Guest said:

A perfect idea rockstar.Let those cheater scums eat their own!!!.A great way to prevent ppl from hacking way to go rockstar!!

emmzo said:

I dare to call it a bad idea. This will only bring more cheaters. So what's the worst if they get caught? Play another cheater? Sounds challenging. I'd do that. How about banning them for a year, second time forever, Rockstar? Give honest players some room to breathe.

Guest said:

One f** good idea!

Nevertheless, I hardly understand the comments above where some people show their interest to access this cheater restricted area. I wonder how fun it could be trying to headshot someone that cannot die...

Secondly, the process seems very painful for the "fair" players. Expecting everyone to record everygame, analyse the replay and shoot an e-mail will never work, or so partially that cheaters will remain with fair-users-games. Can't they detect themselves the cheaters like Blizzard for SC2.

Anyway, with a business model more and more focused on free-to-play games, the capacity of the Editor to exclude cheaters form fair users game experience is definetly a key success factor.

Guest said:

"why do you call them hackers....

.... I'm gonna go get a hack"



I dare to call it a bad idea. This will only bring more cheaters. So what's the worst if they get caught? Play another cheater? Sounds challenging. I'd do that. How about banning them for a year, second time forever, Rockstar? Give honest players some room to breathe.

Or worse! If you're caught a second time, you'll be stuck in the Cheater's Pool forever.

@Arris I remember something like that involving some kind of massive scorpion that couldn't be killed and was really fast in a game released earlier this year I believe

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

@NTAPRO: [link]

Guest said:

It was dak souls, if I'm not mistaken.

ViperSniper2 said:

Right on!!! .....cheaters are what got me into Cheating. First thing I did is master glitching, then scripts and then .dot net framework written aimbots, etc. AND yeah it was fun for a while trying to get back at the original cheaters for getting me. But in the end it was all false revenge and more like I had become that which I hated the most..... a Cheater!!!

But how did anything I did as a cheater ever make me better at playing the game? It doesn't take a genius to figure that out and I quit gaming online for just that reason even w/ consoles, you an't get away from CHEATERS. But..... if this works I just may have to start playing online again!!! ^_^

Guest said:

A 10 review for this game, NOW.

champmanfan said:

Its down to Rockstar using their desecration on what is deemed to be cheating from the submissions... fair enough but how long does it take for them to warn and stop a cheater from playing with non-cheaters?

There should be a round replay option to go back to stored games and upload the gamed game directly ingame to Rockstar using the cloud - rather than manually recording, editing, encoding, uploading, then writing the email. Becomes a chore after reporting a few cheaters unless they make it easier/quicker.

Guest said:

must be lots of little babies on the site with all the swearing and blasphemy.

anyhooo great idea.

Guest said:

I'd really love to see a game that will let cheaters cheat and modders mod as they like. In the "old" days you could do what yxou wanted with your game, as long as it was in your own LAN. Now people are forced onto some company's servers and under their rules.

That's a bit like selling footballs that will deflate as soon as you don't follow the official FIFA rules. But why not? As long as you're not cheating in a tournament or ladder matches or such, the choice should be with the people who are actually playing with that person. So, why not make a "do what you like"-server and allow people to play on their own rules there?

That's actually adding value to the game.

Zack mccracker said:

Not sure if even one person cheats in the mp mode, first time I played was right now on my xbox 360 whit the original game and an unmodded console, anyway first time playing max payne 3 I mp mode I only see my guns and it is as nobode sees my, I played a deathmatch which I won and im not a pro just on medium level I would think, I won the match with no stress got killed once all this without cheating. im sure you would find more info on the problem if you surf the web alittle. THATS NOT CHEATING it is an serious and annoying bug, which I dont enjoy since I like to play fair. last time I played a game with problems like this was world at war where everybody cheats but in mp3 its a bug, I hate beeing called a cheater which may happend because this game has a serious bug, I would hope rockstar fix this soon instead of focusing on new dlc, thats seems idiotic to work on expansion when the game isnt working. read that gta 4 I think had a similar problem and players there know the problem. I wont play mp3 in multiplayer mode this way seems like wasting time since I like competition and be called a cheater just because the game had serous bug issues. besides that the game is one of the best games ever, singel player mode is awsome just got through the game today, and I will play through it again, it is that good :)

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