Thinix RetroUI eliminates the Windows 8 user interface

By on September 6, 2012, 12:02 PM

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system has been the talk of the tech town for the past several months as the October 26 launch date quickly approaches. Much of that talk, however, hasn’t been in a positive tone as many aren’t too thrilled with Redmond’s implementation of the Metro, err… Windows 8 user interface.

There appears to be hope on the horizon for the classic desktop UI faithful thanks to an app called RetroUI from Thinix (pronounced thin-iks). The company’s just-released app allows users to bypass the Windows 8 UI completely and log directly into the classic Windows desktop instead.

The app doesn’t alter any Windows 8 security settings and even allows users to switch back to Windows 8 style as needed. Furthermore, there are options to disable or lock-out certain Windows 8 UI features permanently.

Thinix says the app is easy to install and configure, especially for enterprise clients that would like to install Windows 8 on legacy PCs. In such a scenario, RetroUI can restrict task workers to the classic Windows desktop to eliminate the complexity of Microsoft’s new UI. Such a feature could go a long way towards maintaining productivity among employees that aren’t computer savvy.

RetroUI is available now with a 14-day fully functional free trail. Afterwards, the app retails for $4.95 which will cover three PCs for personal use. RetroUI Pro for business use starts at $4.95 per PC and is available with bulk licensing for enterprise applications. Non-profits and those in education can see discounts of up to 50 percent.

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4.95 for 3 pcs? Seems legit

1 person liked this | Jim$ter said:

This will be standard on Windows 9

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Seems odd that MS didn't do this on their own, especially after all the moaning and groaning during the early beta release about the "UI that used to be named Metro."

BUT...props to Thinix for knocking this out. I'll gladly shell out a five-spot to get the UI I really want.

Alvaro Alvaro said:

Does it add a start button? That would complete the package.

Darkshadoe Darkshadoe said:

Enjoy Win 8 users..I'll stick with Win 7. I really do not see the need to upgrade even though I can get a free copy of Windows 8.

Ranger1st Ranger1st said:

Until Xdark comes out with a win 8 version, not even going to bother looking at it.

killeriii said:

Seems odd that MS didn't do this on their own, especially after all the moaning and groaning during the early beta release about the "UI that used to be named Metro."

Not to seem too much like a M$ hater, but...

I don't think MS wants people to opt out of the Metro GUI. I think they're subtly (not so subtly) trying to coerce people into the Metro App department. Think of the money the may make if their App store takes off like Apples. Personally, I don't want "apps" on my desktop computer. But, I think this is the way MS wants to make their millions in the future.


Windows 8 on a tablet for me is a huge YES!!. For desktop use Windows 7 is still preferred.

gooderguy gooderguy said:

I've been using Windows 8 for months now, I still don't like it, but I have to get used to it. It's sneaky, if you just go to open something like a picture, it shoots you into some Metro app store selection and it's really not obvious to get out of it. Even after selecting a default app to open pictures, after a while, it randomly does it again. And also as I commented in another post, since I've been using Windows 8, I've started Internet Explorer more in the last 2 months than in the last 10 years just because the IE icon is exactly where the Start button used to be in all previous versions of Windows and I keep hitting it by habit only. The whole Metro interface is a mess, it's hard to find simple things, it even took me a while to find how to shut down Windows the first time. The only thing I will give it credit for, it does perform a tad better than Windows 7, and I like the advanced file copy graph showing transfer speed, other than that, I miss Windows XP still, LOL.

avoidz avoidz said:

So... Might as well just stick with Windows 7 and save five bucks AND keep the Start button.

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

If I ever (probably never) give Windows 8 a chance this would be a worth while investment, but by then there will likely be a free version available, or a similar program at no cost.

avoidz avoidz said:

I miss Windows XP still, LOL.

Yeah, the same. It's still a great OS and gets unfairly kicked around too much these days. I keep an older XP tower working as best I can, and a VirtualBox version on Windows 7.

Emexrulsier said:

Windows 8 on a tablet for me is a huge YES!!. For desktop use Windows 7 is still preferred.

I too love it on my tablet, brought a whole new lease of life to my windows 7 tablet. But I agree though I also use it on my desktop and its a good system it doesn't really suite a mouse unless maybe u can stop the charm bar auto hiding?

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