Text messaging declines for the first time ever in the US

By on November 13, 2012, 11:00 AM

Text messaging is on the decline for the first time ever in the US according to a new report from consulting firm Chetan Sharma. They found a drop in the total number of messages being sent and received in addition to a drop in overall messaging revenue for wireless providers during the third quarter.

Wait, what? People are actually sending fewer messages? Well no, not exactly. The study only takes into account SMS messages. As you likely know, services like Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Messenger and Apple’s iMessage bypass the traditional SMS platform with what’s called IP messaging. These services don’t count against carrier texting plans.

What this essentially means is that some consumers are no doubt opting for a cheaper texting package since a large number of messages sent are no longer SMS-based. Furthermore, there’s likely a decline in the number of overage fees associated with non-unlimited texting plans. The report points out that thus far, the majority of wireless providers haven’t done much to evolve their strategies in this segment outside of limiting the number of texting plans available and raising costs.

If that weren’t enough, a growing number of young people are opting to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect and share information with their friends – yet another blow to SMS messaging. We touched on this topic early this year when it was estimated that carriers lost close to $14 billion in SMS revenue during 2011.

Other western countries have already started to see a decline in text messaging revenue but this is the first time it’s happened in the US. "It might be early to say if the decline has begun or the market segment will sputter along before the decline takes place," the report noted.

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2 people like this | Guest said:

Sms is 100% (almost) free to the carriers, it was all gravy money anyways, but I am sure they classify it as "needed" income so I wonder how they think they will make up the difference. I would HATE to be a traditional Cellular carrier, its all down hill with the growing use of data services. Maybe their costs have come down enough to level out their "loses".

KbloodyK KbloodyK said:

It might be due to more people having 3g and 4g on their phones and media devices and instead of texting they can now use instant messengers in social media for an even better communication experience. being able to chat with friends and read about how Monica is totes dumping Derek, OMG! at the same time is most defiantly a plus.

Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

As a Guest wrote to our earlier story titled "Carriers lost $13.9 billion in SMS revenue during 2011" on this:

I prefer to think that cell phone owners saved $13.9 billion in 2011. Muggers don't lose income when the robbery isn't successful.

This is the best comment I have ever read online I think!

1 person liked this | treetops treetops said:

People are getting smart and using free text apps instead of paying an extra 15$ a month, sure you have to have 2 numbers but its really saves a lot of money in the long run.

Oh yeah what KB said too, fb is practically a free text service nowadays. When I get a fb message I get a sound and notification on my phone just like when I get a text.

Ssendi said:

We have whatapp and viber!!! Traditional sms should also be for free!!! Telecom firms have to think more!!

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