Upcoming PC smartphone promises Windows 8 Pro, Intel Atom, 64GB

By on February 27, 2013, 12:30 PM

Redmond-based i-mate says it hopes to change the you work and think, particularly when it comes to PCs and smartphones -- by putting them together. The recovering company is currently working a product it calls "Intelegent", a Windows 8 Pro-based smartphone built from unusually high-end hardware.

I-mate's $750 smartphone will feature an Intel Atom SoC, 2GB RAM, 64GB of onboard storage and a sizeable 4.7-inch display. If the mock-ups are to be believed, Intelegent packs all of that into a very svelte package. The firm also claims its phone will provide "10 hours of talk time", but 10 hours is a bold claim for a slim handheld -- particularly one that claims it could be 2-3 times faster than most current-gen phones and tablets. I'd suggest taking a "wait and see" approach here.

Little else is known about i-mate's Windows 8 Pro handset, although the firm's mockups show the device docked with a special desk phone. While docked, the smartphone can be connected to an external display and used as a stand-alone desktop PC. According to report, the Intelegent can also "power" a sleek-looking tablet; however, there are no details on this aspect of the device. These items can be purchased together as a $1,600 business bundle or the phone can be bought by itself for less than half that.

The nascent handheld began its development about two years ago as part of i-mate's vision to reclaim the "full-desktop" experience for smartphones. The idea of a desktop-like experience on smartphones has has seemingly disappeared following the massive success of Apple's walled-garden apps approach. Perhaps though, upcoming launches like the Ubuntu smartphone and the Intelegent will help revitalize public interest in desktop functionality on their smartphones.

I-mate says Intelegent will be aimed squarely at businesses users. However, if the product lives up to what's been described, I can imagine Intelegent's Venn diagram of consumer vs. business interest overlapping a substantial amount. How would you feel about Windows 8 Pro on your smartphone?

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Being in the professional IT industry this is always something I hope to see... A full desktop OS on a ultra mobile device affords a lot of potential. I can get a fair bit of real IT work done using my Dell Latitude 10 tablet as I can sitting in front of my PC. Having that same capability in an even smaller package is attractive. Although I seriously doubt the proposed battery life of this device, unless the phone functionality is separate from the Windows OS, so it could be shut down and used in phone mode, then I could see 10 hours of average usage. 10 hours of TALK time though is a pretty big claim.

tipstir tipstir, TS Ambassador, said:

Well you know they have a battery no smaller than 9 volt that can last for 3 years on one charge. I was told this once by NASA Engineer. I ask would be nice it they had a battery that could last longer and this was the answer he gave me. But this battery won't be available to the public. Since I was told this it's been many years since and still no such battery has ever been released into the customer market. Of course this would kill Duracell and others like them in this battery replacement business.

As for tablets all of them I've tested from 2010 most of the batteries in some last longer some have gone beyond the 300 power charging cycles and still hold a nice charge. Tablet was to replace the laptop but until the tech gets better in them we have to deal with what is being dished out to use now.

Smartphone I use Android base my Verizon Motorola Razz Max has a huge 34xx mAh in there and does last longer than most Smartphones in it's class.

Windows Smartphone screen seems cramp to me they need to make the icons tiles a bit smaller. Other than that the one from HTC not bad.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

A step in the right direction, IMO. I think that a mobile full Windows device which can be docked to work as a full PC is a good way forward. A little weak still for a full PC, but really, not bad, and I'm sure a couple of years from now it could be normal.

Personally I'd prefer a 7" tablet of this sort. I love my Nexus 7, but if I could natively run games (I'm talking about adventure games, not modern high end FPS games) that would be very nice, and I'm sure I'd also do some development work on it. I've done some years ago on a Fujitsu P1510D, which probably is about the power level of the new Atom.

One thing about 7" tablets, they're usually a lot cheaper than phones. While there's still a Microsoft tax here (though I don't think that the Pro version of Windows 8 is necessary) and the hardware probably costs more than for an Android tablet, I'm sure it's still possibly to get a sub-$500, maybe even sub-$400 tablet with a more powerful chip than this Atom (either a faster Atom, or an AMD's Temash APU expected later this year) and 4GB of RAM. That would make a really great small PC.

xplayer xplayer said:

Wow I miss I-mate my first pocket pc was I-mate and I loved it am going to wait for it!!

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