What will the world look like after the bombs fall? Can God exist in a place without hope? When man's desire to survive overrides his morality, is the empire he constructs worth saving?

Those are some of the questions raised by Metro: Last Light. The (cheery!) first-person shooter is Russian studio 4A Games' follow-up to their flawed 2010 gem, Metro 2033. The Metro games are based on the works of author Dmitry Glukhovsky; the first game was based on his novel of the same name, and while the sequel isn't based on a specific work, it directly carries on the first game's storyline.

The Metro series is set some years after nuclear war has ruined the surface of the Earth and put an end to civilization as we know it. In Russia, survivors have retreated to the Metro, re-forging a bleak semi-existence in the tunnels beneath the city. This is the sort of game that mentions, in its opening cinematic, the very real possibility that God is dead.

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