Ouya unveils limited edition white console with double the storage in time for the holidays

By on November 18, 2013, 11:00 AM

The holidays have arrived early for gamers as the PlayStation 4 is already on the market and the Xbox One is just around the corner but if it's Android gaming you’re into, fret not. Ouya has just unveiled a limited edition console that features a white case and matching controller for about what it would cost to buy two PS4 or Xbox One games.

Priced at $129 ($30 more than the original), the white Ouya is by and large identical to the previous offering although storage capacity has been bumped up to 16GB from 8GB, necessitating the price increase.

Ouya is now accepting pre-orders for the new system and if you order by December 8, the console should arrive in time to make it under the Christmas tree. Do note, however, that the new white model is only available in North America as of writing.

No word on just how “limited” the offering is meaning if you want one, I wouldn’t wait around too long or they might all be gone for good. Of course, if it’s the new chassis you’re after, you could always simply 3D print your own case at home, but I digress.

In related news, the company is also planning to bring USB storage support and a wealth of other features via software update later this month. That essentially means current console owners can expand past the paltry 8GB of storage without incurring any additional costs.

Or if you’d still prefer to order the original console at $99 and use your own storage, that’s an option too. Plus, Ouya is offering a free $5 game credit with the purchase of the original system for a limited time. Decisions, decisions.

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SantistaUSA said:


Exatcly, at least to the US market, I think it would be better where the new gen consoles are too expensive, like in Brasil since this thing is fairly cheap.

Vrmithrax Vrmithrax, TechSpot Paladin, said:

A friend of mine grabbed one of these early on, primarily to use as a streaming HTPC alternative. It works quite well for him, but still had some issues. He's really liking the new interface update they did, and looking forward to the USB storage update - throw an external USB hard drive on, and you add quite a bit of media playback potential.

Personally, I'd like to see them add USB optical disc and decoding support... An Ouya with a USB Blu-Ray drive attached would make for a very capable HTPC solution.

ikesmasher said:

I havent heard anything about great games coming out on ouya, or any updates.

Techspot writers- perhaps a great article opportunity would be an article on all the games and updates and changes to ouya since its launch, as I am very curious.Just my 10 cents.

Ultraman1966 said:

Stick in a Tegra 4 and we can talk.

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Since when does 8GB of flash storage cost $30, honestly, a 30% price hike for a mere 8GB of extra storage? What is this, the early 2000's? or better yet, who do you think you are, Apple?

penn919 said:

Sell, it's supposed to be a limited edition so I don't think their charging strictly based on more storage.

ddelamare ddelamare said:

Sell, it's supposed to be a limited edition so I don't think their charging strictly based on more storage.

Limited? Dam right... it barely functions. I got mine in May, and its sat at home with an inch think layer of dust on it. It just DOESNT perform at all at 1080p. Should have bought myself a small cheap gaming slate for about the same price.

"Yey... new coat of paint Ouya. great... wonderful... and stuff...........

GeforcerFX GeforcerFX said:

I have to say the thing is getting better, I havn't gotten to use mine much since I don't have a tv atm, but when I go up to parents house and plug it in while I am doing laundry it gets better every time I plug it in. There's tons of exclusive games now, can't say how great they are since I stick to like 4 games, but its evolving and this company isn't going anywhere so I expect some cool things out of them.

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