Sony PlayStation 3D Display 24 inch

  • Sony PlayStation 3D Display 24 inch
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  • Excellent build quality.
  • Cool 3D dualgaming feature.
  • Bright, crisp video.


  • Oddly placed buttons.
  • Screen is glossy and reflective.

Expert reviews and ratings

By 5FWD on 60

While Sony is to be commended for building a display to gamers it isn’t quite the entertainment behemoth some will have expected. It offers little in the way of extra features, and since its announcement TVs have gone down in price. Looking...

By PCWorld New Zealand on 50

The idea behind the PlayStation 3D display was nothing short of genius. How long have gamers longed for technology that eliminates other gamers being able to see their moves ("screen-watching") while they play split-screen games together? There's...

By on

Features:24-inch 1080p 3D Display 240Hz Refresh Rate Includes One Game, HDMI Cable, And One Pair Of 3D Glasses Supports Dual-Player Gaming, Each Player Sees a Different Screen MSRP: $499 Pros:Excellent build quality Cool 3D dual-gaming feature...

By PC Mag on 70

The Sony PlayStation 3D Display's SimulView gaming experience is unique and fun, but limited connectivity, the lack of a remote, and a high price for a small screen size make it a bit of a niche purchase....

By Dvice on

Sony's PlayStation 3D Display (Photo credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE)There's no shortage of 3D displays and TVs available for purchase these days. To many, the extra couple hundred — or sometimes thousand — bucks isn't worth the extra...

By GameZone on 80

Gaming technology has changed, and now we have high definition televisions, HDMI connections, and 3D viewing options; it’s crazy how far we’ve come. This holiday season, Sony is offering an interesting piece of tech that introduces us to...

By cnet on 58

While there's some pretty impressive technology built inside, the PlayStation 3D Display isn't a very practical device. Its $500 price tag is too much money considering its laundry list of...

By Destructoid on

Sony's love for 3D is no secret, with the company being unable to shut up about the gimmick's future potential. In order to show that potential, the company has taken matters into its own hands to create a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor.Designed...

By Gizmodo on

An expensive 24-inch 3D HDTV that lets two people see two different images on the same TV. Whoa!...

By Digital Trends on 70

Sony has managed to make a $500, 24-inch display appealing by including some useful accessories, integrating 3D and offering the rather innovative SimulView...

By GamePro on 60

Sony's new PlayStation-branded TV is trying to bring 3D to the masses. But is it the best way to part with 500 bucks? When Sony debuted their PlayStation 3D Display at E3 this year, a lot of people scoffed. $500 for that little tiny thing? At the...

By PC Advisor on 80

The PlayStation 3D display bundle comes with the television, an HDMI cord, Resistance 3 and one set of active shutter glasses for around $500 in the US. It will be available in the third quarter of this year....