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Benchmarks: HD Tune Pro

In the HD Tune Pro random read 512 bytes test, OCZ's latest SSD delivered mediocre performance with a throughput of 7.1MB/s, making it slower than the Samsung 470 Series and Intel SSD 320 Series.

OCZ reclaimed its lead with a transfer speed of 455.5MB/s in the random 1MB test, which was considerably faster than the Crucial RealSSD C300's 328.5MB/s.

Again, the Vertex 3 provided the best performance with a throughput of 404.9MB/s followed by the Crucial RealSSD C300 drive with 313.4MB/s in the HD Tune random read, random file size test.

We found that the Vertex 3 delivered about average random 512 bytes performance with a throughput of 8MB/s, which was slower than the Intel SSD 320 Series and Samsung 470 Series.

When it came to random 1MB write performance, OCZ's Vertex 3 blitzed the competition with a throughput of 472.1MB/s followed by 244.8MB/s from the Samsung 470 Series.

The last write test looks at random file size performance and again the Vertex 3 is well in front of the competition with a throughput of 391.8MB/s, making it considerably faster than any other 2.5" SSD we have tested.