Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The AS SSD Benchmark gave us similar sequential read/write results. The Vertex 3 broke the 500MB barrier with a read throughput of 510.6MB/s, making it 46% faster than the Crucial RealSSD C300 and 90% faster than the Intel SSD 320 Series. The write performance was also impressive despite only reaching 277.7MB/s – it was 19% faster than the RealSSD C300.

The AS SSD Benchmark 4K-64 Thread test saw the Vertex 3 once again outperform the RealSSD C300 when measuring both read and write performance, but both were considerably faster than anything else tested.

Access time is one aspect where SSDs have always crushed standard disk drives. Read access times of the Vertex 3 were slightly quicker than the Samsung 470 Series and slightly slower than the Intel SSD 320 300GB.

Interestingly, the write access time was quite slow next to competing SSDs. Whereas the Intel SSD 320 Series 300GB and Samsung 470 Series 256GB were both under the 0.100ms mark the Vertex 3 240GB took 0.246ms.