Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

The Atto Disk Benchmark was used to measure 1K, 2K, 8K, 32K and 128K data performance. The 1K performance of the Vertex 3 240GB was surprisingly low with a throughput of just 35MB/s whereas the Intel SSD 320 Series 300GB reached 46MB/s and the Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB 98MB/s.

The 2K performance was much the same as the Vertex 3 reached 69MB/s while the 320 Series was faster with a throughput of 84MB/s and the RealSSD C300 managed 183MB/s. The Vertex 3 was still trailing behind the Intel and Crucial drives for the 8K test while it finally caught up in a big way once the data size reached 32K.

Finally at 128K the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB almost hit full stride with a throughput of 471MB/s which was unmatched by RealSSD C300's 344MB/s. Although we generally don't test 512K and don't include these results in the graph above, we thought it would be worth noting that the Vertex 3 reached its full speed of 520MB/s at this size.

The Vertex 3 was more competitive when measuring write performance with smaller data samples. The 1K test saw it deliver a throughput of 31MB/s which made it a fraction faster than the Intel SSD 320 Series yet slower than the 47MB/s produced by the Crucial RealSSD C300. The 2K test saw the Vertex 3 match the RealSSD C300 with 62MB/s while it raced ahead in the 8K test with a transfer speed of 318MB/s versus Crucial's 183MB/s.

By the time we reached 128K sample data the OCZ Vertex 3 was racing along at 518MB/s – more than twice the speed of Intel and Crucial's offerings.