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Trivia Tuesday: Windows 95's golden days

Did you know that Windows 95 had a beta program? Yep, users could pay to enter the Windows 95 Preview Program in the United States and they would receive a few 3.5” floppy disks containing the beta OS. It only cost $19.95, or around $30 now adjusted for inflation.

Trivia Tuesday: Some facts about BitTorrent

Torrenting is perhaps one of the favorite ways for internet users to download copyrighted material for free. It involves downloading a .torrent file and loading it into a torrent program, which then finds users around the internet (thanks to "trackers") who…

Trivia Tuesday: Apple invention misconceptions

For the fourth Trivia Tuesday over at Neowin, this week they are exploring some of the things you might think Apple invented, but actually didn't at all. These invention misconceptions are just a brief collection of what people may generally…