Synthetic Benchmarks (2)

The E6300 saw a 54% rise in performance when overclocked, as the file encryption result went from 52MB/s to 80MB/s. This almost made the overclocked E6300 slightly faster than the standard E6700 processor. However, overclocking the E6700 improved performance by 38%, which allowed for a file encryption result of 102MB/s.

3Dmark2001 shows a steady rise in performance with the Core 2 Duo processors as the clock frequency is increased. The standard E6300 produced an impressive score, 30000pts, making it 5000pts faster than the Pentium D 950. Overclocking the E6300 boosted the result by another 5000pts. However, this still made the E6300 slower than the 4MB L2 Cache E6700, which almost reached 40000pts standard. Overclocking the E6700 allowed the system to reach just over 45000pts!

3Dmark2003 looks more at the graphics card performance and as a result all five configurations performed within 2000pts of each other.