Benchmarks: Gears of War 4, Total War: Warhammer

Even DX12 can't help overcome the Core 2 Quad's inadequate performance in Gears of War 4. Here the overclocked configuration was only good for an average of 33fps with frame dips as low as 20fps when using the GTX 1060. In comparison, the Pentium G3470 was 45% faster averaging 48fps while the Core i3-6100 was almost 130% faster.

As you would expect, boosting the GPU-horse power does little to help the Q6600 system and again we see the same unplayable performance. In fact, only the Core i7-6700K is able to boost performance further at 1080p.

We also tested Total War: Warhammer using DirectX 12 and here the Q6600 averaged just 25fps with the GTX 1060. That result was boosted to 32fps once overclocked, though that 18fps minimum is pretty ugly. In comparison, the Pentium G3470 was considerably faster averaging 50fps.

The Core 2 Quad Q6600 along with the Pentium G3470 and Core i3-6100 were unable to improve with the GTX 1070 while the quad-core Core i5-2500K was good for a few more frames per second and again it was really only the 6700K that was able to take further advantage of the increased rendering power.