ATI vs. Nvidia performance

Now it is time for a direct comparison between ATI and Nvidia graphics cards. Using the low quality settings the Radeon X1900XT is faster than the GeForce 7950GT, giving the red team a quick victory here. Unfortunately, for ATI the Radeon X1600XT was destroyed by the GeForce 7600GT, which was 86% faster at 1600x1200. The 7300GT was also much faster than the X1300 Pro as the NVIDIA card produced 92% more performance at 1600x1200.

While the Radeon X1300 Pro performs quite well at 1024x768 with medium quality settings enabled, it dies right off at the higher resolutions. The same was found with the X1600XT, which was again significantly slower than the 7600GT. The only saving grace for ATI was their X1900XT which again defeated the 7950GT.

The high quality settings are far too extreme for even the affordable high-end graphics cards such as the X1900XT and 7950GT. That said the 7600GT, 7300GT, X1600XT and X1300 Pro never had a chance.