Benchmarks: Company of Heroes

The performance of these two cards in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts was very close, though this time the GeForce 9600 GT was found to be the superior performer. When running in DirectX 9 mode, the 9600 GT was 11% faster at 1920x1200.

Again the performance of both products was impressive, as both rendered over 50fps on average. When adding a second graphics card the Crossfire setup became an impressive 98% faster, which is astonishing, while the SLI GeForce 9600 GT cards also managed an incredible 96% performance gain.

Using the same visual setting as before, we ran CoH: Opposing Fronts in DX10 mode which had a significant impact on performance, reducing the average frame rates aggressively to less than half as in DX9.

The GeForce 9600 GT was slightly faster across all resolutions although just marginally. When adding a second card, the SLI 9600 GT became 9% faster than the Crossfire Radeon setup, though more importantly the 9600 GT was boosted by 58% when in SLI.