Apple confirms none of its AirPods support its upcoming lossless audio format


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You can't really prove a negative now can you? We don't know their plans so we're both speculating. I just think that given Apple's track record and the proximity of their last airpods refresh in 2019 they probably already knew they were going to go to lossless and decided to still release the new airpods without support for the new lossless change they were planning on anyway.

It's likely they'll just position this as a "Pro" feature and introduce "Studio quality new pro airpods" along with lossless.

But again, at most the only thing you can really claim here is that we're both speculating and neither of us really know their plans, I don't know them to confirm planned obsolescence and you don't know them either to categorically deny it could be happening.
Right. The same as proving the argument of planned obsolescence as described in this thread can't be done. Otherwise, it would apply to literally every single product in existence. Everything is iterated and improved upon. We knew about lossless before AirPods, sure, but no wireless tech existed that could have supported the product as it currently exists. What's your solution? Simply don't release any wireless headphones until the wireless tech exists for lossless? With all the Captain Hindsights around here, I'm sure some would say yes. Only one small problem... technical, logistical, or other limitations of the time and the fact that tech evolves. People want and will buy a product in the meantime. Don't get a PS5, Sony is already planning a PS6. Might as well complain about the PS4 not being capable of playing games at the same fidelity as the PS5 while we're at it. Oh wait, it's only when it's Apple... and it doesn't even have to make sense. If there's any argument for planned obsolescence here it's with the AirPods Max inability to do true lossless over wired (which remains to be seen if Apple will devise a solution for). Anyone complaining about lack of lossless over wireless should come up with a new high bandwidth, low energy wireless protocol if it's so simple.

Don't even get me started on the fact that your product isn't obsolete because it failed to gain a *new* feature (that its hardware is physically incapable of handling) but is otherwise still supported and does everything it did when you bought it, which, let's be honest, it does more.

Come up with an argument that withstands 2 seconds of scrutiny, please. (not you, the others in this thread)
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