Build a PC Boot failure, faulty floppy drive?

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Hi, we've been having a problem with our pc, sometimes, about 75% of all bootups approximately, it freezes on the very first screen. The screen is showing something to do with the graphics processor, a logo or brand name or something, however, we changed the graphics card, and this did not fix the problem, so perhaps its something to do with the motherboard's own graphics unit? The motherboard is an ms-7093 Btw.

One thing we have noticed, is that you can tell when the boot is going to fail because the floppy drive does not make its usual clicking noise, which it does on a successfull boot. So, the question I have for any of you who may know, could it be something up with the floppy drive causing the system not to boot up? Apart from removing the floppy drive, is there anything we could do? We have also replaced the Hard drive, and that hasn't fixed the problem.

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It would be easiest to change the boot order in the BIOS to the hard drive first with the floppy drive and optical drive after the hard drive. It doesn't matter that much which is second or third. This way it should skip over the floppy and boot from the hard drive. If you still have trouble booting, there may be something wrong with the hard drive. If it's fine, then there might be something wrong with the floppy. You could just disconnect it, remove it or replace it. Your choice.
yeah, i don't think im going to mess with the BIOS, im not very experienced with PCs, but i think ill try disconnecting the floppy, and see if that does anything, as we dont use it. Will i have to do anything with system settings or can i just go ahead and physically disconnect?


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we just recently put in a new harddrive and did a full clean install, would this have got rid of any virus's/spyware?

Yes it would.

As for BIOS, you can safely reset all the BIOS settings to factory defaults. Go into BIOS and look for the "Reset" choice. Reboot and see if the problem persists.

-- Andy
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