Cheap upgrade from 4670K PC


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Hello All,

I just sold my 4670K, as 4C/4T clearly wasn't enough for gaming + streaming for nowadays games (e.g. Monster Hunter World). I am thinking of building a decent, yet cheap setup, that will last me for the next year/two years, until next gen consoles will arrive and a serious upgrade will be inevitable.

My GPU is PowerColor Radeon RX580 8GB.

I have 1080p60Hz display and don't plan on upgrading it anytime soon.

Thus I guess I am perfectly fine with CPUs capable of delivering 60fps experience with not so much core power as a safety margin. My plan is:

- Try to get a used Ryzen 7 1700.

- Purchase ASRock B450M Pro4 - as TechSpot article confirms that B350M Pro4 works good enough with Ryzen 3900X, this should give me an upgrade path to 12C/24T with 30% better core power ~two years from now, when next gens will arrive. Maybe Zen2+ even?

- Purchase 2x8GB of DDR4 3200MHz RAM (as the board doesn't support faster ones).

- Maybe add a decent cooling to the CPU, though I am not sure if OC is necessary for 60fps gaming. The CPU clock seems low when compared to my previous CPU, that is for sure. And a decent cooler should be compatible with Zen2/2+ in the future as well, so this might be a good idea despite low OC potential of Zen2.

My thinking is that Ryzen 1700 and 2700 have really close performance, so the inevitable upgrade will most likely take place at the same point in time for both of them. Yet you can find used 1700 for 2/3 of new 2700 price - I guess the 5-10% performance difference between the two isn't worth the extra $ in my situation?

So to sum up: the main goal is to prepare a setup for 60fps gaming with OBS streaming, Discord, maybe YT/music app running all at the same time. My budget is ~320$ - I should be able to get mobo + RAM for ~150 and, hopefully, Ryzen 1700 for ~170$. I can get the cooling at a later date.

Any comments?

Are there any important reasons to chose 2700 over 1700 in this scenario? Or maybe 1700 won't be enough for the task due to lower clock speed?

Any significantly better options with 400$ budget, eventually?

Any input is appreciated!