CPU over heating in bios on cold start up

Basically I'm looking for a definitive way to determine which is not functioning correctly. Mobo, Heat Sensor, CPU, or Cooler? Directly on cold startup I'll enter BIOS and just watch the CPU temp raise to over 100 degrees C in a matter of a couple minutes and continue rising until ultimately the computer shuts off. The computer has been functioning flawlessly for the past year and half and suddenly started having heating issues and shutting off. The build consists of....

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six Core @ 1.22 Vcore
Cooler - Corsair H115i

An issue I've noticed.... In the BIOS it does not detect the CPU fan and shows it spinning at 0 RPM's which the cooler is correctly installed onto the correct mobo cpu fan pins etc. The fan functions and I can hear it and feel it pushing air. I'm not sure if the BIOS ever detected the CPU fan or not this whole time when the computer was functioning normally. I have cleaned CPU and cooler connection, applied new thermal paste and it has had no effect. I'm assuming the next step would be to install a new cooler in hopes that it is not the mobo, sensor, or CPU.

If the new cooler does not have any effect on the overheating issue, is there a way to effectively determine if it is the CPU or the mobo without having to guess and just make a blind purchase on what to replace? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
If anyone saw this and was curious the issue was resolved. The problem was a the AIO pump went bad on the corsair h115i and replaced with a cool master 212 and everything is stable at 39 C.