Dual Monitor Display Port KVM

I am looking for help/guidance for KVM. I have 2 Display Port Monitors hooked up to my Gaming/Personal PC and I will be needing to hookup my work laptop to my current setup. I have not used a KVM to this capacity and here is why I am looking for guidance.

Current Setup:
USB Keyboard
USB Mouse
USB Headset w/Mic
USB Web Cam
2 DisplayPort Monitors

I want the above Current Setup to work on both machines with just switching between the two with KVM. I have seen several on Amazon and such, but it looks none natively let you hookup USB Audio / Web Cam. I do also have a USB 3.0 4 port hub. Thanks for you help/guidance and if you need any additional information to help guide me let me know.


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This might be what you're after:


Supports two 4K DisplayPort monitors, two PCs, two shared USB 3.1 ports.