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Was I supposed to get a warning about my membership expiring? If not, that should be a basic feature.

Jumping on just now I see ads. Check my membership and it seems like the year ran out. I could've also sworn that there was an auto renewal, but that too long ago to remember...

Edit: something said this was a "subscription", but I didn't see anything expressly stating it would auto-renew.

Edit 2: Got a subscription email, so it looks like it's setup now.
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Julio Franco

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Hey, thanks for subscribing (again!).
The site does fly with no ads and we have a growing number of readers who are opting for the subscription, so that's great :cool:.

About the no auto-renewal...

After launching TechSpot Elite, PayPal forced us to switch to a new PayPal business account and your subscription (along with the first batch of subscribers) could not be carried over. That means we cannot auto-renew, but you can subscribe again (like you just did) and this time it should be uninterrupted.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your continued support.