Follow these instructions BEFORE posting your HJT log.

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First, a short note on the rules here...
Firstly, please be aware that writing "urgent" or similar in the title of your thread won't nessecarily get it answered any sooner - we each have lives to lead, and help you with your spyware/malware problems out of the kindness of our hearts, using our spare time to do so.

Secondly, please also be aware that ANY user that posts a HJT log before reading this sticky, or if a user does not follow the instructions in it properly when asked, will find a reply in their thread with a message to read this post. Further failure to follow the instructions in this post will result in their thread being locked unless there's a good reason for not doing so. If you need help following these instructions for some reason, or encounter a problem, you are more than welcome to reply in your thread asking for help with that problem (or to start a new thread saying that you are following the instructions but need help to do so).

To the majority of quite decent people out there, we can only apologise for sounding so harsh, but this is not aimed at you - it's aimed at those people who come here and needlessly make a thankless task all the more unenjoyable and stressful.

Back to being the nice people we are, here are the instructions...

Do not follow the instructions in someone elses thread. This is because each set of instruction is particular to that person. Following instructions designed for someone else can cause you to crash your system.

If you are here because you have a Hacktool.Rootkit problem, see HERE, otherwise please follow the instructions below in full...

1, Scan your computer using two or three of the free online scanners in this list...
Trend Micro Housecall -
Kaspersky -
F-Secure -
BitDefender -

2, Follow the instructions in this thread, HERE
3, Follow the instructions in this other thread, HERE
4, Only when you've completed the above, Read How to post your HJT log as a .TXT attachment Then, post a fresh HJT log, in its own thread in the security and the web forum(if you haven`t already got a thread running there). Where we can take a look, tell you if you're clean, or give you instructions to finish your cleanup. Please also post your Ewido log as a .TXT attachment. Both logs can be attached to a single reply.

Once you've finished, you might consider following the instructions in this thread, HERE, which will hopefully help you keep your windows a little bit more secure.
Not open for further replies.