Help login in Instagram account, says use 2FA code but have not set up 2FA for insta

I think I may have been hacked or my passwords got leaked. I use LastPass where all my passwords were stored so I think its from there, I also didn't have 2 Factor Authentication because I found it troublesome to set up at the time, dumb move I know, that's changed.
I basically got locked out of some of my accounts and as I recover some of them I saw in the activity logs that someone's been logging into them from a location not near me.
Facebook and Instagram were one of the lost and recovered accounts. I found out about the whole thing in the morning when I tried to open Instagram and found myself logged out but when I tried to login with FB (Continue as Dude123) in Instagram it says "Enter a 6-digit login code generated by an authentication app", the problem is I don't have a 2FA app set up. I tried using my phone number to send a code when I found out that someone's already done that, used my phone number to get an account recovery code and used it without my knowledge.
As I recovered my FB I set up a 2FA but it seems it doesn't work with Insta.
I think that the hacker has already set up a 2 factor authentication which is why it is always asking for a code from it.

My question is can I do something about this or do I just have to try and get the account deleted and make a new one. I really don't want to do that as I have stuff I don't want to lose.
It also doesn't help that instagram doesn't have any meaningful help center as I've tried looking there for a solution but I have only managed to run in circles around the menus.
Any input is really appreciated. Thank you in advance!