How to Reboot and Reset Android Devices

Uncle Al

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What surprises me more is how many people DON"T know how to reset their phones ..... pushing two buttons must be like chewing gum and walking ..... just getting too technical, I guess!


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This should be as well known as alt, control, delete. Long gone are the days when you had to use a pin to reset a phone or tablet.


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A few months back a friend gave me his Android & I followed the direction to wipe it clean yet it wouldn't. Later I found a link telling me the email address had to be deleted from the phone first, then reset.
In the few weeks I had it, I had reset it 6 or 7 times yet once he put his password in, it was just like it had been.
Apple is so much easier to reset :)


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Didn't know that trick. I suppose I havn't really needed to. Those 3 years I owned S4 LTE+, when it hanged, literally like 5 times, I just popped the battery out. But I admit its getting useful these days when most batteries are user-unreplaceable.
What do you do if you have done all of this and it continues to go to NO COMMAND? I am new to this and our kiddos have a tablet with Android GO Edition. Is it possible to connect it to my computer and fix it?