I need help selecting a good display

Hello guys! I can't select a new monitor can you help me please?
I guess the new dispay should have:
  • 24-27 inc screen size
  • 1920x1080 at least
  • IPS
  • >= 75 Hz Refresh rate
  • HDMI 1 or more
I have ~350$ and I found some models:
  • LG UltraGear 27GL650F-B -> I don't like inputs placement of this model
  • AOC 24G2U -> This model has the the best inputs placement
So what do you think about these?
Also guys im gonna use new display for programming, playing games and watching films not for design.


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Hello! This is a monitor that I highly recommend. This is currently the monitor I use, and I have had it for about three months. It has worked amazing with no defects. It's 1920x1080, 144hz, and designed specifically for gaming. There are also different modes that make it best for different types of work. It also has eye care that makes it really nice for working from home (If you plan to do that.) You also will have 200$ for whatever you want to do. If you are skeptical like I was, or if you don't like how cheap it is, your options sound great. It takes HDMI, but it comes with a really nice display port cable. The cable is really high quality and clips in to the monitor so it won't fall out. Overall, it's a great monitor. For programming it's really nice to have high refresh rate. Windows is just nicer when you have a high refresh rate monitor. This one is only 24 inch, and there is not another option. It's 1ms response time, and IPS.

Hope this helps! And if you want any more suggestions I can get you some, this is just my top personal pick, and it's at a great price.

Here's the link:


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>> " Also guys im gonna use new display for programming, playing games and watching films "

Those are somewhat competing priorities. For a gaming monitor, high refresh rates are important, whereas your other usages are more concerned with factors like viewing angles, color rendition, brightness, etc. No one monitor excels in all categories. Also, 1080p is quite a low resolution for a modern monitor. For your budget, you should easily be able to afford a good 1440p monitor. I might have you consider the monitor below: I have a pair of these and are extremely happy with them:

Asus ProArt 27" 1440p