I5 10600K vs I9 10850k Performance AVG Fps


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Heys Guys im Playing only Fortnite try get World best player so I need Maximum Stable FPS possible. Ive Crashed by trying Overclocking my I7 8700K yesterday the Sockel Pins from my Asus ROG Strix Mainboard so ive ordered today the ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-E GAMING - Motherboard - 1200 socket and ive ordered the I5 10600K because 250 € and the i9 10850K same like I9- 10900K 450 € dont have dat much money but Benchmarks say differents.. in one the I5 10600K is good but by a lot others the i9- 10900K is Top 3 and thats the big new Intel CPUS. I see that FPS here sometimes the Same but sometimes the I9 10900/10850K have round 17-20 AVG Fps more. I dont OC the CPUS I use is STOCK than. And the one have 4,1 GHZ by 6 Cores and the others 3,8 GHZ or 3,6 GHZ by 10 Cores but 20 MB Cache vs 12 MB Cache. I need answer next hours
The general consensus is that the 10900k/10850k ( nerfed 10900k) are the only way to go if you have to go intel, why not wait for Ryzen's 5000 series? (Zen 3), they claim to have matched (They personally think they've beat Intels) Instructions Per Cycle, Which is what Intel was Touting as their advantage, Along with higher clocks, for a long time.

You will get 20% more cores by going with a 5900x, 60% more if you go with the only slightly more expensive 5950x, and if future intel revisions with nerfed core count are true, then you'll probably be in a better position.