Is industry moving away from E-mail ?

I noticed that supermarkets in the UK now expect their customers to be on Facebook just to communicate with them, shunning and open standard like email in the process.

I am not on Facebook.

It could be the management tools are better, but I wonder if it's the privacy obligations from government legislation that these big companies are using to push their services. Ironic as it may sound.

But, is this a bad thing, hasn't email just evolved like one bad coat of paint a top of another, shouldn't encrypted IM chat replace it ?

Old Molases

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I think its the people who wants to turn away from the email. The main reason for this can be that they expect quicker response from people they do business with. Social Media is something that is used widely by every individual on the face of the planet and that it is more convenient as compared to emails. I know is insecure but this is how it is.