Issue with an ASUS VK-248h Monitor Backlight


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I recently got this amazing 1080p monitor for my custom rig and I love it! Well... most of it.
There is this problem with the backlight, where when the monitor turns on after a while of inactivity, the backlight turns on for a split second, then suddenly goes very dim. The brightness setting is unchanged; kept at a solid 70, yet it's a quarter as bright as it should be. I can go into the menu and change the brightness, and I can tell, faintly, that it does adjust, but never up to the proper level.

To remedy the issue, I repeatedly turn the monitor off and on until the display finally lights up properly, and it stays that way for the entire time I am using it. At the start of the session in which I write this post, I had to do this at least 20 times before it worked, so I finally decided to really look into this problem.

It seems this is a unique issue, as I found absolutely no matching posts on the interwebs by searching with the all-mighty Google Search. Is there anyone that can provide some insight as to why this occurs, and/or how to fix it?

Thanks for your time.


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New theory: Bad capacitors... somewhere. Possibly power supply

After a day at work, observing some coworkers working on used LCD TVs (and working on one myself), I now understand quite a bit more about such things.

I had removed the display from my setup and left it on the floor for a few days. Today, I decided to try it again. The backlight started up perfectly fine, surprisingly. The ASUS screen showed for a couple seconds, then went off, as normal. Then, when it's supposed to activate the selected display input, it shows the screen for just long enough to get half a frame drawn, then goes completely black. Turning monitor off and on repeatedly, and trying different input methods, gave same result. I got it to work once, but at that time the backlight had gone too dim again.

I think now I might know how to fix it, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to take the dang thing apart! Lol.
Did you figure out the issue? I am having the same issue with my monitor. I've tried unplugging it, turning it off and on etc. Turning the screen off and on worked for awhile but now it stays dim regardless of how many times I turn it off and back on.

I also used it with a game console and the dim screen issue persists. I'm now assuming this is an issue with the monitor.
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Hello Bwarren97, I've had this same issue with my ASUS LCD for over a year. I wanted to see if you were able to fix your LCD and which capacitors did you replace and did you replace them with like parts on higher voltage? Also, any suggestion on where to go to get it taken apart?
I just bought this monitor second hand and am seeing the exact issue that you are describing, backlight flashes and turns off, then either turning off/on multiple times or switching inputs multiple times will eventually fix it for however long I use the monitor. Super annoying, were you able to figure out a fix?