Latest Marvel's Avengers update has a PS5 bug that displays usernames and IP addresses

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In context: Despite its less-than-stellar reviews, Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers has maintained a following since its release. Episodic seasonal content updates have kept its fans playing and content creators streaming. However, the latest expansion has a personal-information-revealing bug that has some in the community ticked off.

Square Enix released a large expansion for Marvel's Avengers that features a new Cosmic Cube event that runs from June 24 through July 8. The update adds a limited-time story arc, as well as a boost to players' powers via cosmic energy. The update also contains various quality of life and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, the patch came with another bug that inexplicably displays the player's username and IP address on the screen. Aside from being annoying, the glitch poses a minor privacy threat for those who stream the game.

Developer Crystal Dynamics said in a tweet that it is aware of the bug and is working on a fix. In the meantime, it has warned content creators not to stream the game until they have a patch to address the situation. While there is not much a malicious individual can do with just a username and IP address, it is still information that one might not want to share while broadcasting.

The bug is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 version of the game, and as of 10:20pm PDT, the developers expect to have a hotfix ready to deploy by 8:00am PDT Wednesday, June 23. Despite the relatively quick response, some are still not happy about the bug or that it's going to take nearly 24 hours to fix.

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From what I can tell, this is not a bug/glitch.

It sounds like someone forgot to turn off a debugging feature. And that person is having a great week by the sounds of it lol

As someone who deals with this stuff, I'm a bit surprised it made it into production. Usually you have a way to separate the dev and prod streams, and you do a bit of testing on it before making it live...
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I would be upset as well. That data is not information that needs to be disclosed to the general public. Unacceptable. Needs a fix very quickly.


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Im amazed many are still playing tis game. It was a pretty boring beat em up from the looks of the reviews with little content.


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I would be upset as well. That data is not information that needs to be disclosed to the general public. Unacceptable. Needs a fix very quickly.

Sorry ZedRM, but this made me laugh. Mainly because of the voice I read it in. ;)


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I'm sure they're just taking a page from Rockstar's book. Their system has always easily exposed this information and they have the most profitable entertainment product in history!