Lost calendar gadget


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PC / Windows 10 :

In Windows 7, I had a three-month calendar tucked in the upper right corner of the desktop screen; since it's been there for years, I have no recollection of where I found it; is there some way to locate it in my system? There's nothing found in Win10's "apps" version of All Programs. I transferred to Win10 earlier this month, and now the calendar is stuck on July 31.

Some comments online regarding a similar situation talk about right-click on the desktop, then click on Gadgets . . . no "gadgets" listing shows up when I right-click, so I have no idea what those folk are talking about.

Related: Every now and then I see a comment about something instructing to "click on the sidebar" . . . which means nothing to me; what are they talking about . . . since MS's goal with Win10 clearly was to NOT retain any of previous simplicity, but create an entirely "new and exciting" (and time-wasting) relearning curve merely to repeat what one did in previous versions. Go figure.

Any info / assistance with the calendar issue much appreciated. Thank you.