Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hi In your fine article about the new Flight Sim you mentioned: ,.But don’t go thinking, "great, I can stick with my old Core i5 or Core i7 processor, if the game only uses 4 cores." And that’s because the game uses an enormous amount of system memory, and as a result memory bandwidth is also very important. CPUs using DDR3 memory are going to struggle and the same is also likely true for first-gen Ryzen CPUs as they suffer from high memory latency.” I have an i7 5820. My motherboard is an Asus x99 Pro and this can use DDR4 3200 cl 18 memory. Do you Still think my 6 cores CPU will have to struggle with the new sim if I try to try build further on this “old” computer even though my ram is better than DDR3 as you assumed in your article?

I am Considering buying a 2060 super card or a better card and 16 or 32 GB ram. My CPU is OC’ed to 4ghz. But this article have made me uncertain if it is worth It considering your conclusion in your article.

I am looking forward to hear your answer since I am going to buy the new Flight Simulator 2020, and I will run it on my 55’ screen in 1440p. And I hope to see it running smoothly in ultra Quality. Regards Jannik


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MS Flight Simulator is going to need a lot of optimization before it will run smoothly on any rig. It is very much a single threaded application so it will only use one of those cores (for the most part) and what everyone is seeing is that throwing more graphics card at it doesn't change the situation by much. It's bottlenecking at the CPU so you will want the latest and greatest fastest CPU you can put your hands on. A RTX 2060 Super will do, and is surely the sweet spot for value (right now) but you might want to wait to see what AMD 4000 CPUs look like and hopefully with better availability of the new RTX 3000 series cards (better performance for your gaming dollar), you should seriously consider one of those.