Microsoft wants to sell you a refurbished Xbox Series X bundle

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In a nutshell: Microsoft's Xbox Series X remains virtually impossible to find at retail. If you're willing to settle for a refurbished console and don't mind throwing down a bit of extra cash for a game and a second controller, Microsoft has a deal you might be interested in.

Microsoft is now offering certified refurbished Xbox Series X consoles through its US Microsoft Store. Console pricing is set at $469.99, but you are also required to purchase at least one digital game from a collection of nearly a dozen titles. The cheapest of the lot, Monopoly Plus + Monopoly Madness, is $27.49.

Shoppers must also buy a controller. The robot white Xbox Wireless Controller is the cheapest of the bunch at $54.99.

The most affordable bundle totals $552.47 – shipping is on the house. That's more or less in line with current third-party pricing on eBay, minus the extra controller and game.

Certified refurbished products from Microsoft have been screened, repaired, tested and cleaned to company standards. They also include a standard 12-month warranty, although those looking for a bit more peace of mind can add the Microsoft Complete protection plan to extend warranty coverage out to three years for an extra $49.

Microsoft has implemented a limit of one console per customer.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Series in November 2020 just days before the arrival of Sony's PlayStation. Both machines have been incredibly difficult to find at retail for a variety of reasons.

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Shouldn't a computer, which Xbox is, last something like three years at the very minimum? Sounds like dirty business to have one year warranty and ask more for three years - make three years the standard I'd say. Usually non-defective computers last ten years or more, excluding HDDs and perhaps fans, depending on quality.
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I wake up some days and ask myself, is it possible I did hardcore drugs last night and my mind blacked it out? When one of the richest companies in America starts talking crazy, of course, I think I must be the crazy one. I mean, let's say Apple's newest SKU of their iPhone is only offered for sale as a refurbished bundle with a one yr subscription to Apple Music. Will Apple be that crazy? This MS bundle proposal is offensive but maybe they've really gone crazy.
I just ordered bundle for $469 free shipping. Console and Controller included. NO additional purchase necessary. confirmed by chat with MS
Does xbox series x refurbished bundle come with controler for $469 Read

Thanks for the question there and to answer that for you, yes actually that come with controller and console. :)