My Creative Inspire 4.1 makes cracking sound

I have a creative inspire 4.1 (4400W) sound blaster.It makes a cracking sound when i increase its volume.Which capacitors or ICs or transistors need to be replaced? Tell me the values of the capacitors or the name of the IC i have to change.


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If you get a crackling sound when you turn the volume control up or down, but it's fine as long as you don't touch the control, then it's likely the fault is in the volume control. If you can get the speakers apart, you can read the value of it, it's normally printed in black on the edge of the control. (Something like 100k Log). You can buy a replacement and fit it if you are confident with soldering. But a free method, that may fix it, is to turn off the PC, turn the volume control all the way from full left, to full right, many times, 100 times or so. You might find that the crackling has gone or is very much less. You could also spray some switch cleaner into the control, if there is a gap near where the wires are soldered on. If you decide to change the control for a new one, take a close up photo first, or draw the connections, to save time and grief later on. Hope that helps.


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i have inspire 2400. the volume controller potentiometer is the one giving up. after spraying with something like silicon oil no more crackling when adjusting volume.