New few answers before i buy


So I decided to slightly upgrade my pc (blame GPU shortage not full new pc) and wanna ask some questions to not screw up when I get my stuff. Currently I have:

GTX 1070
DDR3 16gb RAM
650w PSU
Had this pc build since GeForce 10 series launch, but started thinking about upgrade and what I want to ask is:

1. Will I lose a lot if I gonna use I5-12600K on DDR4 Motherboard?
2. Will Corsair H80i v2 will be enough for I5-12600K or should I get something new? (its current AIO I have)
3. Will GTX 1070 work fine on z690 with DDR4/5 motherboard?
4. Will my current PSU will be enough for new CPU, RAM and Motherboard?


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Those new Intel CPUs are having some issues if you want to game. I gather the copy protection doesn't like the CPU architecture. As long as you are willing to be patient that fixes will eventually come, than go ahead. I think the AMD Ryzen (Check out Ryzen 5600x) is a pretty solid choice. I like that the AM4 platform has had a lot of support these past few years.

Your cooler will be fine on most CPU choices but the Intel chips are known for running on the hot side. I heard the AIO coolers need to be changed around 5 years of age?

GTX 1070 is still going to work fine.

PSU...wattage-wise, is OK but some of these motherboards want extra power at the CPU that some of the older PSUs don't have, so you may need a shunt or a newer PSU
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When I realised that my stable only had one PC able to move past W10 it seemed a great idea to upgrade our workhorse to the requirements for W11. As I've not so far built a PC it looked an interesting project. As soon as I looked into the prices of replacement motherboards, CPUs and ram it was clear that this was going to cost as much as replacing the desktop. It's now been scrapped and a new SFF desktop purchased.