Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU Review

Angga B

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Just bought an omen 15 with rtx 2060 after months of waiting the supply. Price is very good for now too. Very happy with 1080p resolution on 144hz panel.

Will upgrade my laptop to ryzen 6800 with RX8600XT on 4k panel when they come out in 2023 #giggle
I can speak for Doom Eternal since I have that game. On some maps in single player, the game will refuse to allow you to play on ultra nightmare settings because it needs around 6.5GB to 7GB VRAM, so you need an 8GB card even in 1080p in some maps. In Techspot review, they only play one map. They don't go through the entire game in the benchmark.
This issue was a similar issue in the past with the 3GB 1060 already not able to max games in 1080p. Games like GTA 5 would warn you that you were exceeding the VRAM limit. That was one of the reasons I decided to buy the 1070 for my desktop.
The vram technology of a 1060 is not the same as that of a 2060, it uses a gddr5 versus a gddr6, so 6gb of a 1060 is less efficient than 6gb of a 2060.