PlayStation Remote App on PC/Steam/Destiny

  1. Hello all, hope someone can help me with a current issue I am having.
I recently switched from Ps4 Pro to my PC, however most of my friends are still on PSN for chats, don't have easy ability or desire to use Discord, I get it, not always easiest or most convenient option for some console users.
So I downloaded the PS Remote play app on my PC, no problem, all settings are perfect and the two systems in different parts of the house interface fine. However, being a returning PC gamer from 10+ years on console I have been transitioning the process by using my Scuf controller via USB port in the PC, not skilled enough yet to higher end Raids, dungeons PvP content etc. yet.
The problem is that inevitably, the controller I'm using interfaces with both the game/s I play on through Steam and unfortunately the PlayStation menu bar. It has opened games and I guess due to whatever button I was pressing it added close to $80.00 to my PlayStation cart, lol luckily I caught this before I could have possibly hit purchase.
Spoke with PlayStation/Sony tech support today for close to an hour and they had no solutions and ultimately blamed Steam engine, whatever, tech was nice enough and did their due diligence, perhaps it is Steam, not sure.
I also recently purchased an Steele Series Articus 5 wired gaming head set which is dual PC/PS4 compatible. I am able to plug it in the PC via USB and downloaded the latest firm ware update, no problem. However, when I hook it up to my PS4 Pro via the usb cord into either front ports on the console, it identifies it in settings as an input and out out device, I messed around with several different sound/device based setting on the console but can get no incoming sound, also the input jack is supposed to connect to the controller it looks like, am I missing something here, the videos online are very broad stroked an not very visually detailed, might as well be IKEA furniture diagrams to me:)
If there is anybody who has some experience/knowledge with these particular issues I am having I would be extremely grateful. Feel free to email me at [email address removed]. Thank you all in advance and I hope you have a great day/evening.
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