Samsung's new Galaxy Buds2 feature active noise cancellation from $149.99

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What just happened? Samsung at its Galaxy Unpacked August 2021 event had more to share than just new foldables and smartwatches. The Korean tech giant further added to the Galaxy ecosystem with the introduction of its new Galaxy Buds2.

Samsung is positioning the Buds2 as the successor to the Galaxy Buds+ that were announced in early 2020, but with some premium features from the Buds Pro line. They are Samsung’s smallest and lightest earbuds to date, measuring just 17.0mm x 20.9mm x 21.1mm.

Each bud features a dynamic two-way speaker system comprised of a tweeter and a woofer alongside a three-microphone array and 61mAh batteries.

With active noise cancelling (ANC) enabled, Samsung claims the Buds2 will last for up to five hours on a single charge. Turn ANC off and you’ll get closer to 7.5 hours. Combined with the included recharging case’s power, you can get up to 20 hours of listening time.

Samsung says its ANC system can effectively cut background noise by 98 percent, so it might be worth the power penalty to leave it on. There’s also an ambient mode with three levels of sound control should you wish to still let some outside noise in, but you’ll need the Galaxy Wearable app to adjust this feature.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 are offered in four colors – black, white, purple and green – and include three sizes of silicon tips for an ideal fit. Pricing is set at $149.99 and they’ll be available to purchase in select countries from August 27.

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150$ for earbuds? Someone buys them?
Millions bought Apples AirPods for about the same money. In fact AirPods are one of the worlds most successful products. I have AirPod pros which are even more expensive and I absolutely love them.

Somehow though, you just know these Samsung ones just won’t have the same polish.