The Best Mouse for Work and Productivity


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Logitech M510 for $25 or less is perfect. Feels good in hand, and the left side button navigation is fine. Good scroll wheel.


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Feel obliged to post that the Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic is a fantastic bit of kit that has completely resolved my mouse-related wrist pain.


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I have giant hands and I miss my G500, but even that was small for me. Considering getting the G502 or I might just buy a G500 off ebay for the same price. I wish people made decent trackballs, those thumb trackballs lack precision and regular trackballs have low DPI.


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"Spoiled for choice" as long as you're not left-handed.

EXACTLY! I "can" use a mouse right handed, but I'm left handed. I know it's a small segment of the population, but some of these I'd like to use, but, they don't make a lefty version.
Thus, I stick with the logitech MX Anywhere 2.