Consoles The Xbox One gets Windows 10 on November 12th


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Microsoft has been teasing a big update for the Xbox One for a couple of months now, but today the company finally unveiled when users will be able to get their hands on it: November 12th.

On November 12th, Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 10 to the Xbox One around the globe. The update will bring a ton of new features, as well as a redesigned dashboard that is easier to use with a controller and brings the Xbox experience closer in design to the latest builds of Windows.

The update also improves the Xbox One's social functionality, making it easier to invite and message friends during your gaming session. Backwards compatibility will be brought out of beta for this major update as well, allowing the general public to play a selection of supported Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One.

One feature that was originally expected to launch alongside Windows 10 on the Xbox One is Cortana, however Microsoft has delayed its inclusion until 2016. The company is still planning to roll out a test version of Cortana to preview users before the end of the year, but it won't be available until 2016 for the general public.

For preview members, the Xbox One Windows 10 update should be rolling out to your console now, and for everyone else, expect to see an update shortly after the rollout begins on November 12th.

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This is good news for Xbox One owners, no doubt, but I'd still like to see the Halo Masterchief Collection released on the PC alongside Gears of War 2 and 3.


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My xbox 360 had windows 7 on it, so really all they are doing is enabling the UI of windows really.
I'm not saying I installed win7 on it, there was a glitch while I was gaming and the xbox dashboard crashed and I seen the windows 7 start bar just like you'd see on a desktop.
I looked at it for about 10sec and then the UI recovered for the dashboard. This was on my white pro 360.
actually a little shocked they took this long to enable this. It was very clear that the xbox one, phones, and win10 were all the same OS just changed a bit per device you were running.