This Chinese company made a graphics card that supports Vulkan and DirectX



How much stolen IP was used to make these Chinese originals/copies?
Probably not a lot, the article says that it's based on PowerVR's IP (the fellows who used to make the GPUs of the iPhones until the iPhone 7), they wouldn't mention it if it's not licensed, while the memory appears to come straight from Micron. Where China has the real incentive to copy/steal stuff is the manufacturing process, given the obsession of the American governments to block the export of modern machinery there.


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How China makes this?
1. US companies have their factories in China. It's easy to let China steal and copy the technologies.
2. China pays money to buy people with the technologies.
3. China replaces with cheaper components to make poor and less durable products of Chinese brands.
4. Chinese brands are thus cheaper to grow in market.
5. Sometimes, Chinese brands sue the original brands on copyright issue. That's ridiculous! In fact, Chinese brands are those who copy original brands. Of course, Chinese brands win in Chinese court!


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Time to crush Nvidia's monopoly.

On another note, this is what happens when tech companies shift to China for their manufacturing processes in the name of making big profit (make cheap, sell high) - they copy the blueprint and make their own.


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lol exactly. china **** on international trade agreement, common sense, and IP... however, they are the first to force WTO or other country to apply them when it applies to a Chinese company/Chinese tech-IP.

sheer ****ing irony, as almost everything from and in china.

(eg: lived 7 years in china)

if war ever happen with china vs anyone, I doubt they would even follow Geneva convention or any international treaties on certain weapon type bans.
No Way.. Theyd def conform to International rules, Just Like the dual legal System between CCP and HK....

I hate the CCP, (Not the Chinese people, went there in 82') , and Im not left Nor right... And as Much as Trumps IQ is an IOU, I can agree with him saying, "The US Built China".. And it did.. Capitalism and shareholders made sure of that... Its all about Maximising Profit... So By handing over IP , do you think they cared? Rebook , Nike, Apple.. etc etc.. The GP outweighed sales in every other country around the world.. Its not like they didnt know.. Why compete in china with their products made in China..... Nope, Put all the resources into stopping grey imports.....
Those Corps made ALOT of money off the CCP and the CCP off the corps.. While your average worker also lost their jobs too offshore companies in china.,....... And the US still doesn't Pay a liveable;e wage or have universal health care.....
Go figure.
Damn... Like the GFC.. They all knew it was coming.... But do they care?
Imagine when these companies have no one to buy their product, because in the end, at purchase , the end consumer just can't afford it...
Then the company gets liquidated , people lose their investments, Unfortunately due to Banksters playing with their retirement packages, all for gain on a spreadsheet...
We cant bail out the people though..... What we need is a Cheap Chinese GPU... Yeh.. Thats it!

Apologies for the Rant, Writing a song ATM , And I guess I just worked out the lyrics and idea in part...
Still; ... We all need to not allow the misdirection.... Because I guarantee , the GPU Guarantee is worth as much as the Copied Warranty receipt .
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