Trump campaign website hackers threatened to reveal origin of coronavirus


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What just happened? A section of Donald Trump's campaign website was briefly hijacked by cryptocurrency scammers yesterday. The hackers inserted messages that threatened to reveal "secret conversations and strictly classified information" that proved the "trump-gov is involved in the origin of the corona virus."

The perpetrators added a version of the FBI's "this site has been seized" message over the top of the Trump campaign site's About section, in which they claimed to have gained "full access to trump and relatives" by compromising multiple devices.

"the world has had enough of the fake-news spreaded daily by president donald j trump," the message read. "it is time to allow the world to know truth."

The hackers included two Monero addresses in the message, asking people to send the cryptocurrency to one address if they wanted the so-called "strictly classified information" released, or to use the other if they wanted to keep the "truth" hidden. The totals would be compared at the end of the deadline, at which point the scammers would "execute the will of the world."

As noted by TechCrunch, the page was signed with a PGP public key corresponding to an email address at, a non-existent domain.

The message only appeared for a few minutes. Trump campaign spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, said no sensitive data had been exposed as none of it is stored on the site, and the campaign is now working with law enforcement to determine the source of the hack.

Last week, a Dutch security researcher claimed to have accessed Donald Trump's Twitter account by guessing his password—"maga2020!" The White House has denied the claim, while Twitter says it has "no evidence" of a hack taking place.

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after the deadline we will compare the funds and execute the will of the world
I predict that "will of the world" will be that you just G.F.Y, like A.S.A.P.

What a bunch of criminal morons! Their message in itself as an oxymoron to any common sense.
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Deep state badly(?) wants Biden to be the next president.
Or maybe there will be a plot twist? Stay tuned for next episode of comedy show... America... And entertained you shall get!


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Morons, we know the origin of COVID 19 = CHINA!

Trump needs to continue to punish the communists for their transgressions against America!


So what? can't be very useful unless they have access to the CDC and HLS. What trivia!!


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Specifically, the origin was the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I still get a chuckle out of China saying -- with a straight face, no less -- that it was "for safety" that they destroyed all the coronavirus samples in the lab shortly before outside medical investigators arrived.

If the US government would have wrote the news about that it would've stated "Russia hacked the coronavirus samples and destroyed them"