Why did I always disconnect from Minecraft Server although my Internet is in good condition?

Here are the issues;

I continuously disconnected from the Minecraft server although my Internet is in good condition. I use a laptop and not using an adapter such as ethernet, Pardon me if I'm wrong! Well, the issues are I don't use any modem or router, and more likely to use mobile hotspot. So, the issues that I stress are the problem with connect to the variety server. When I tried to enter the private server that my partner made; I always have an issue where the server will kick me out. The server that I join always sent me messages such as ' connection timed out ', ' can't connect to the server ', or ' connection lost ' [ Something like that ]. And when I tried to join another server, the connection just smooth and really well!

Back to my partner server, his friends can join it placidly and doesn't have any problems regarding the issues that stated ' Connection Timed Out ', ETC. So the thing that I've tried before is to flush the DNS, changes the port, rebooting the devices, turn off the hotspot and then turn it on repeatedly, modify the name of hotspot and password, turn off the firewall, update the drivers, change the DNS addresses and other that I have researched to get this issue fixed, but sadly turn out the progress or culmination is still same and I still can't connect to the server considerably.

More is that the ping is regularly high when I joined the server but when I tried to join another server, the ping just becomes lower and lower and the experienced become more smooths. Also, the server that I wanted to join didn't have any problems and my partner friends can join it smoothly without any problems that I've faced.

In fact, I don't have any anti-virus software and only using the original that built inside my laptop. I'm using Window 10 Pro and using brand named ASUS with AMD4 A4 type. I've already tried using the command prompt as I already stated in the second paragraph and I already changed the hotspot AP band into 5Ghz Band. Furthermore, my internet around here is really well and smooths and I even can download 5GB software within 50 minutes or more without any problems and I can even watch YouTube or listens to the music or Video Call with my partner during the download period. So, can someone figure what's the problems is and please let me know if you need longer precise about this issue! Any kind of solution is extraordinarily welcomed! :D


not using an adapter such as ethernet, Pardon me if I'm wrong! Well, the issues are I don't use any modem or router, and more likely to use mobile hotspot.
Sorry but you are wrong. You ARE using at least a WiFi connection (at hotspots).

The timeouts ARE from the ethernet connection device and most likely due to your DHCP connection the the server DNS.

IF you attempt to PING the friends server you SHOULD see timings and NOT timeouts.
I've previously contacted the Network Carrier in my area. They assumed that it's not due to Ethernet connection times out. They've already checked the DNS and modifies some settings which make them use another computer to simultaneously the IP. They already check the timings and the timings for it are decent and not having any obstacles. They've already examined the speeds of the internet which they stated that my internet is about 1-2ms. They also monitor the DHCP connection, and there's no trip with it. They also set up the new router and modem for me to tried if its connection quandaries but the issues are still the same. I have also acquired another computer for this and the outcome is still the same. Another hand is, when I ASSAYED to join the Minecraft server, it stated as " Connection Timed Out ", " Connection Refuse ".

The Carrier Support that came to my house already checked :

  • Firewall settings
  • Router/modem settings (port redirection)
  • IP config of the Minecraft server ( Listen from the IP of your PC or, not
  • Check you specify the apt port in the connection box
  • That use the correct IP address or server name (and does resolve correctly)
  • That server has a working internet connection as well

As adequately said, I do not have ANY attempts to ping the server.
Behalf on that, the Carrier already do their work but still displeased, they already tried using a modem, router, mobile hotspot, underground lines, ETC... that the rate is about 1-5ms only. They've also tried to utilising Ethernet but the impressions are still the same.


These servers use port redirection and while normal websites flow correctly (like yahoo.com, news.google.com, youtube.com) Minecraft will fail.

The packets flow from
The Minecraft webserver to your PUBLIC IP, get redirected to your PRIVATE system via the Minecraft port to your private PC, where the Minecraft program is running.​
You setup the redirection and it needs to be to a STATIC or reserved IP for it to work more than just once.