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Since his death, Steve Jobs and Apple have been credited with inventing everything from the personal computer to the internet.

Yeah, seriously. We all know Al Gore invented the internet, at his kitchen table. <G>

But really, Steve Jobs wasn't even the smartest mind at Apple. That would be Woz. Perhaps Jobs had some level of a "vison" (whatever that really means), but Jobs' arrogance killed the IIgs, which was probably the better path to have taken.


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But really, Steve Jobs wasn't even the smartest mind at Apple. That would be Woz.
While that is true, the entrepreneurial skill set that he possessed is at least as rare as genius-level IQ. It's a blend of intelligence, vision, initiative, and managerial ability ... along with the desire to work 120 hours a week, at least in the first stages of the venture.

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Particularly since Jobs was just the Ad man at Apple when he and Wozniak started Apple. While Jobs lead the teams on the McIntosh, he certainly was not the brains behind it. That's not to take away from his leadership, but far too many people have been mislead into believing he was some kind of computer genius. Once Woz was booted out of the company, all Apple products became "closed systems" making it difficult to play with the guts, which most of us really enjoyed about the Apple, Apple ][ and Apple ][e. Contrary to popular belief, the Apple ][e could sit on the Apple Talk network and one little known fact was that the first IBM System 38 network was created by Apple to run their then factories ..... lots of innovation, but it didn't come from the top, not by any means.

Well said, thanks for the add-on