Zoom job interview do I need a microphone?

Hi all
I have a job interview next week via zoom. I've never had to use zoom.. I'm goin to be using a desktop computer. Do u need a microphone? If so, can someone recommend a inexpensive one? What about a camera?



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We desperately needed a webcam for the desktop during lock down. It was very difficult to get anything at that time and I bought a separate microphone and Gucee Chinese webcam. There were loads of issues. Things would work for a while then either sound or video would go. In the end I ordered a Logitech StreamCam which we had to wait for and was expensive. That has proved a far more dependable solution. As you want to look your best for an interview I'd avoid cheap and make sure you have tested everything on a regular basis before the big event. The Logitech has a built in microphone. One thing to be aware of though though is that it plugs into a usb C port


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I have a Microsoft HD-5000. The software is no longer available so NCH Debut can be downloaded to capture. No need to capture with your Video Call. Test with the Camera program that Windows 10 has to see yourself.

When you have your interview, tap the link and wait for the next available interviewer and do not be in your underware.

Good idea to rehearse as you mention and be in a shirt & tie ready for your interview.



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O.K. I upgraded to Razer Kiyo Pro with a built in microphone. This camera comes in clearly and well lit.

I am now ready to make a person to person VIDEO CALL to Warren Buffett.

The telephones used to have an operator. Just pick it up and they would say, "number please." "I would like to make a person to person video call to Warren Buffett."

This should be all that is required to patch anyone through.

Do we need to have Skype installed?