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PicturesToExe creates presentation in stand-alone EXE file. . Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about PicturesToExe

  • Incredible photo clarity and quality, since PicturesToExe uses the source files to create a photo slideshow with help from its unique image processing algorithms.
  • PicturesToExe is perfect for photo professionals and beginners alike.
  • Intuitive on the outside, feature-complete on the inside. PicturesToExe has all of the tools to create top-notch slideshows and AV shows. Pan/Zoom/Rotate effects, keyframe animations both simple and complicated, support for multiple slide objects, masks, 3D effects, and multiple audio tracks.
  • Flawless, seamless animations and slideshow effects in your PC and Mac slideshows. PicturesToExe synchronizes with the refresh rate of the PC monitor or projector.
  • The PicturesToExe user community, where you can discuss everything related to creating a slideshow or AV show.
  • An increasingly large number of professional photographers and AV enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and France have chosen PicturesToExe as the best photo slideshow software on the market.
  • At the 19th International Audio-Visual Festival of the Royal Photographic Society in the United Kingdom in 2010, over 70 works from 11 countries were submitted. Most of them were made with PicturesToExe.
  • DVD picture clarity far surpasses what is available in other programs.
  • Program interface and user guide are available in multiple languages.
  • No risk. Free trial version and 14-day money-back guarantee after purchasing.
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