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BitPal 3.7.9 for Mac OS X

BitPal is an Address Book, Calendar, and a To Do task manager. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about BitPal for Mac

It's nicely designed and easy to use. And it's designed to be mobile.

Drag the BitPal folder to your USB Pen Drive, and everything you need goes with you. Take your address book info to work, while keeping it off company computers. Have your Calendar & To Do List in the palm of your hand.

Use both a Mac and a PC? No problem. Drag both versions of BitPal to your Pen Drive, and they'll share the same database, so you can easily move from computer to computer, yet keep your data available. And your BitPal serial number will work for both Mac and Windows versions!


· Cross-Platform - Runs on both Windows XP and OS X
· Integrated - Both versions share one database
· Syncable to Outlook, Apple Address Book, and iCal
· One serial number licenses both Mac & Windows versions
· Blowfish encryption of your data
· Import from Apple's Address Book or Microsoft's Outlook
· Export to tab-delimited file
· Assign nice icons to each contact - 30 included!
· Bonus pack of 50 icons upon purchase
· Helpful "Map It" button - one click map of a contact's address
· Clean interface - doesn't display empty fields
· Import events from iCal or Outlook
· Use multiple calendars (one for Home, one for Work, etc), and turn each calendar on/off with one click.
· Tracks recurring events (Weekly, Every Other Week, Monthly, Yearly)
· Tracks status of each event (Tentative, Confirmed, Cancelled)

What's New:

· 3.3 greatly improves sync speed with iCal and Address Book. Read more.

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