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UltraExplorer is an extremely customizable Unicode enabled replacement for Windows Explorer. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about UltraExplorer

UltraExplorer's main purpose is to test these components but it can also be useful to anyone looking for a Windows Explorer replacement application.

UltraExplorer feature list is aimed at making file management and navigation fast and easier then ever before:

* Fully configurable user interface
- All windows are reconfigurable with multiple docking options as well as the ability to float or be hidden
- ToolWindows have Toolbars that maybe hidden or docked in any location.
- User definable shortcut keys
- User definable visual themes

* Fully configurable layouts
- Classic Treeview/Listview layout
- Dual Listview layout
- New ListMode layout
- Any combination of the above can also be designed

* Ultra fast display rendering and folder enumeration
* Fully integrated Tabbing feature
- Tabbing is context sensitive to which listview is currently active
- "New Tab" initial location user definable
- The Tabs are drag drop aware. You can drop files on the tab to place them in the folder.

What's New:

* Bug Fix: Fixed AV when moving a file with CTRL Drag then selecting a new file
* Bug Fix: Fixed AV when using "Add All Tabs to Favorites"
* Bug Fix: Fixed not hot tracking in the BreadCrumb Bar with "Lock Toolbars" enabled.
* Bug Fix: Fixed bug in Tab Order
* Bug Fix: Fixed bug in Listview not responding to Numeric Keys
* Bug Fix: Fixed problem with BreadCrumb Bar hiding itself if double clicking on it
* Bug Fix: Fixed problem with Tabs not saving history of Mapped, Removable, and Network Drives when switching away from the Tab then returning to it
* Bug Fix: Fixed bug where Favorites could be added as sub-Folders of Favorites items that where not categories but actual files and folders
* Bug Fix: Fixed bug in saving Tab information. Tabs would revert to last folder in the history when switching back to tab.
* Feature: Changed the way CTRL-F works. Does not toggle Quick Search bar, always shows it and sets the focus to the edit ready to type
* Feature:: Selectable if the History Window is unique per Tab or global across all Tabs Read more.

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