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Nikon View 6.2.5

Nikon View 6.2.5 for Nikon Coolpix Digital Cameras. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Nikon View

Products supported:

Coolpix Digital Cameras
Coolpix 775
Coolpix 880
Coolpix 885
Coolpix 990
Coolpix 995
Coolpix 2000
Coolpix 2100
Coolpix 2200
Coolpix 2500
Coolpix 3100
Coolpix 3200
Coolpix 3500
Coolpix 3700
Coolpix 4300
Coolpix 4500
Coolpix 5000
Coolpix 5400
Coolpix 5700
Coolpix 8700
Coolpix SQ
Digital SLR

This version of Nikon View does not support serial computer connections. However, the memory card from serial-connection Nikon digital cameras (Coolpix 700, 800, 880 serial, 900, 950, 990 serial) can be removed from the camera and inserted in a card reader or PC card slot and pictures transferred to the computer using Nikon View 6.1.0.

If you have never connected your Nikon digital camera to your computer and are using Windows 98SE or a Coolpix 880, Coolpix 990 or D-1 series you will also need to download the camera drivers.

* Before using Nikon View 6.2, all earlier versions of Nikon View (Nikon View 900, Nikon View 2.x, Nikon View DX, Nikon View 3.x, Nikon View 4.x, Nikon View 5.x, Nikon View 6.0) as well as Nikon Capture 1.x must be uninstalled.
* When using Nikon View 6 in combination with Nikon Capture 3 or Capture 4, be sure to use the latest versions of both (Nikon View and Nikon Capture) applications. Nikon Capture 2 is not compatible with this version of Nikon View. If you use Nikon Capture 2.x do not update to this version of Nikon View.
* An error which prevents the image from opening in Nikon Editor or Nikon Capture Editor has been discovered when using Nikon View 6.2.x and Nikon Capture versions 4.0.x or 3.5.2 or earlier. To prevent this error do not:
o Use the "Rotate image(s)" option selected in the Transfer panel of the Transfer Options dialog (this function applies only when supporting cameras are connected).
o Rotate RAW or NEF-format images with the Nikon Browser.
This problem does not happen with Nikon Capture version 3.5.3. An update, correcting this issue, will be released in early March 2004 for Nikon Capture 4.x. There are no plans to update Nikon Capture 2.x. Users of Nikon Capture 2.x should not update to Nikon View 6.2.x

What's new in this version:

* Support for RAW images captured by the Nikon D2
* Support for RAW images captured by the Nikon D2Hs

Additionally, this update incorporates changes from the Nikon View 6.2.3 Update:

* Support for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).
* An issue has been solved that prevented Nikon Transfer from downloading voice memo files associated to images taken with the D2H in color mode II. Read more.

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