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AOpen i45GMt-HD Bios R1.06

Driver update in System Updates. Operating system support: Windows XP/Vista.

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More about this driver

What's New:

1. Fixed CPU loading keep at 50% when resume from S3
2. Fixed front audio jack can't auto detection
3. Added shutdown temperature function support
4. Added Ring wake up function support


* AFUWIN.EXE - This is Windows(R) flash tool to update previous versions to
the new version. To run from Windows(R), double click and
follow the instructions. ==> All update

* AFUDOS.EXE - This is a DOS utility to update the BIOS. Usage is:
AFUDOS filename.ROM /P/B/N/C

Supported OS:

Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Vista x86
Windows XP Pro x64 Learn more.

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