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NetGear WPNT834 RangeMax 240 Mpbs Wireless Router Firmware 1.0.51

WPNT834 Firmware Version 1. OS: Windows XP/Vista. Category: Networking.

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More about this driver

WPNT834 Firmware Version 1.0.51 (North America and World Wide releases)


1. Fixed problems where the admin GUI cannot generate WEP keys on firefox.
2. Fixed an issue where after router reboot or changing administrative settings, one client login to the router and it will be kicked off by another client login router before Web access time out.
3. Fixed a bug with Configuration Assistan which reports no Internet connection available even though it detects PPTP.
4. Send mail facility works on Email log.
5. Fixed a bug - " ShieldUp test FAILED".
6. Attached devices can now display ALL computers.
7. The router can now properly connect to ISP: @home (cable).
8. Timestamp in logs are recorded properly.
9. Block Keywords & Block Sites works properly.
10. Fixed various issues with Administration GUI.
11. Fixed the router reboot issue with Intel Centrino 2915abg and 3945ABG client.

Known Issues:

1. Asus WL330G wireless bridge can't connect due to it can't support wireless QoS packet, but WPNT834 will send out wireless QoS packets.
2. Configuration Assistant doesn't provide WPA2-PSK (AES) and WPA-PSK (TKIP) + WPA2-PSK (AES) selection.

To Download the Firmware:

1. Select Maintenance > Backup Settings, to create a backup file of your existing router configuration. If you don't do this, all the settings will be lost, you will lose connectivity, and have to reenter them all by hand !
3. Click Backup. A Save pop-up window appears.
4. Click Save. Choose a filename that's meaningful to you, such as router backup 1 or WPNT834 settings original ( If the file already exists do not overwrite it, but choose a new name. )
5. Choosing the firmware for your country, First FTP for North America users only, second one world-wide version - for users outside North America only.
6. Log in the router at
7. Click Maintenance > Router Upgrade.
8. Click Browse and locate the file you just downloaded.
9. Click Upload. While the firmware is loading, do not interrupt the upgrade process. The router reboots when the upgrade is complete. (If you want to check that the upgrade was successful, log in to the router again at and check the firmware version.)
10. Select Maintenance > Backup Settings.
11. Click Restore, and select the file which you just saved in Step 3. Your settings are restored, and the router is reconnected. (Note that the router URL was not updated in the browser, so if you changed the router IP address from the default, type the new IP you gave it.) Learn more.

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